Thia Frankisk Aldsido

Thia Frankisk Aldsido (TFA) can be translated into ModE as The Old Frankish Custom. It is a reconstructed and retro-engineered religious pursuit aimed at reviving the ontological condition of the ancient Frankish people(s). The time periods with which the religion is most concerned are the pre-Merovingian tribal age and that of the Merovingian age proper.

For the purposes of investigating ancient religious customs and beliefs, TFA looks principally towards the record left to us by the tribal groups who would eventually coalesce into a broader Frankish identity. As for how the Frankish society functioned, who the various players were, etc. the Merovingian record (often recorded by the later Carolingians, requiring retro-engineering) gives us the clearest picture of what we can hope to re-establish in our modern age. The sources we utilize in our research are the histories, hagiographies, formularies, legal prescriptions as well as the archaeological record.

If you were to distill the finer points of TFA into a single phrase, you would arrive at:

“A civic and lawful tradition of post-tribal, pre-Christian Frankish Heathendom”

With the Declaration of Reversion of Dec. 25 2016, a successorship has been established to pick-up the inheritance (allodium) that the elder pre-Christian Merovingians relinquished at the time of their Conversion in the form of a Regnum Francorum Novum.

By understanding how our Frankish predecessors thought, acted, believed, worshiped, interacted, etc. within a Germano-Gallo-Roman milieu, we can continue their ways moving forward. It is not the intention of TFA to return to a glorious past, rather the intention is to establish and flourish towards a glorious future.