TFA Books

The Companion: A Guidebook to Worship in Thia Frankisk Aldsido

“This work is the primary liturgical book used by practitioners of Thia Frankisk Aldsido (TFA). TFA is a modern reconstructed and renovated Frankish Heathen tradition. Our religion is based on a consideration of ancient polytheistic source material which can be traced – in whole or in part – to the Franks from the 3rd to the 8th century. It is not a “101” level introduction to the paganism of the ancient Franks, rather it is for the benefit of New Franks who have taken up the mantle of TFA and require a collection of religious topics to guide their worship. This does not preclude The Companion from being of interest or of some use to non-New Franks, but please keep in mind that some subjects may require you to engage with content which may leave you wanting for more understanding.”


The Farhalon: Sacred Narrative of Thia Frankisk Aldsido

“This work is the sacred narrative of the modern Frankish Heathen religion known as Thia Frankisk Aldsido (TFA). Contained herein is the Farhalon exclusively. Only the text, sacred images and an index are within. If you wish to purchase a more fulsome liturgical book on TFA, it is recommended that you procure The Companion : A Guidebook to Worship in Thia Frankisk Aldsido. The entirety of the Farhalon can likewise be found therein.”