About Thia Frankisk Aldsido

Thia Frankisk Aldsido (TFA) can be translated into ModE as The Old Frankish Custom. It is a reconstructed and retro-engineered religious pursuit aimed at reviving the ontological condition of the ancient Frankish people(s). The time periods with which the religion is most concerned are the pre-Merovingian tribal age and that of the Merovingian age proper.

For the purposes of investigating ancient religious customs and beliefs, TFA looks principally towards the record left to us by the tribal groups who would eventually coalesce into a broader Frankish identity. As for how the Frankish society functioned, who the various players were, etc. the Merovingian record (often recorded by the later Carolingians, requiring retro-engineering) gives us the clearest picture of what we can hope to re-establish in our modern age. The sources we utilize in our research are the histories, hagiographies, formularies, legal prescriptions as well as the archaeological record.

If you were to distill the finer points of TFA into a single phrase, you would arrive at:

“A civic and lawful tradition of post-tribal, pre-Christian Frankish Heathendom”

With the Declaration of Reversion of Dec. 25 2016, a successorship has been established to pick-up the inheritance (allodium) that the elder pre-Christian Merovingians relinquished at the time of their Conversion in the form of a Regnum Francorum Novum.

By understanding how our Frankish predecessors thought, acted, believed, worshiped, interacted, etc. within a Germano-Gallo-Roman milieu, we can continue their ways moving forward. It is not the intention of TFA to return to a glorious past, rather the intention is to establish and flourish towards a glorious future.

What we believe:

Those who pursue Thia Frankisk Aldosido are polytheists who believe in the divine power of the Hêlen who affect all aspects of the believer’s life. These holy powers are innumerable in their numbers, but through our ardent commitment to our sido (religious customs) we believe that we can enter into a gifting relationship with them and that this relationship will be beneficial to us.

Those who are bound to the Kuning in the Farbond believe that the Kuning – who cares for the well being of all Franks – receive a special measure of Hêl (holiness) imparted by the Goda which will beneficially impact the life of those so bound in the Kuning’s service as a reward for their ardent zeal.

 Purpose of this site:

  • Establish a modern successorship to the Frankish Civic and Religious ways of the Pre-Christian Heathen peoples of Merovingian Gaul (Francia)
  • Foster Frankishness among modern Heathens and helping them excel in their pursuits
  • Examine the available records of our predecessors and share our findings
  • Help ensure that our allodium enjoys a long and healthy revival
  • Ensure that Thia Frankisk Aldsido remains open and accessible to all who have a serious commitment towards shaping its future
  • Promote an inclusive tradition devoid of any and all discrimination/intolerance  of marginalized/minority peoples or groups

About Allodium Francorum:

Allodium is a Medieval Latin word meaning “transferable estate” and comes from the Old Low Franconian *allaud, itself denoting “entire estate”. The root of the word is from the combined Proto-Germanic words *allaz + *audaz or “all” + “goods”. In Merovingian and Carolingian legal documents it was transcribed as alodisalode or alote. The sense of alodis in the Salic Law was “the entire hereditable estate”. It was customary that all the wealth which a family put into their children was to be retrieved by the family (or tribal unit) once that person died, allowing for a proscribed division between various testate groups. In short, no one’s wealth was their own… rather it always belonged, and so remained, that of the kinship.

Francorum is the genitive masculine plural of francus as such it means “of the Franks”. When combined with the first element above we get the sense: “the inheritance of the Frankish people”.

It is  hoped that this site brings worth upon the elder Franks and is
a suitable legacy to Thia Frankisk Aldsido as their successor.