Idibus Mar. MMXXI

“Ik kwede,

Kind Antrustions all, Bertfried Gravio of Noviocaunorum, Ruodframa Marhskalk of my Hîwiski in Ottavia, Dagovis Thungen of Luzernia and Hruomaholdis Thungen of the Mark of Calcasia; I, Ingruoda Siniskalk of Thia Frankisk Aldsido, Gravio of Civitas Ottavaiorum, holding Civitates Luzerneorum, Rîthburbeorum and Calcasieorum, have sent to you four most vigorous, trusted and exemplary Franks in the Kuning’s Farbond, relics of the Heart of Brustnir.

The Heart of Brustnir is the second most holy relic of Thia Frankisk Aldsido, following the Ingruoda (Inguo’s Phallus) and greater than the Blood of Adalar. Holy Brustnir and His sibling Holy Gnasher were two goats offered to Thonar of Raven’s Knoll at the Hail and Horn Gathering in SK 1565. Ruodframa Marhskalk and his fellows of the Nine Mountains Kindred performed the kwikening ritual to the Thonar godpole, to which the flesh of the offered goats was dedicated and consumed in wirdskap (or husel as the Hail and Horn sido denominates this act) by all attending under the leadership of the Witan of Hail and Horn, Austin Lawrence, Maryanne Pearce, Chantal Layoun hight Hyndluswintha and I, Erik Lacharity hight Ingruoda Siniskalk.

The Heart of Brustnir was gifted to me in High Symbel at Hail and Horn in Brâkmânôth SK 1565 by Austin Lawrence, Steward of Raven’s Knoll who possesses the Heart of Gnasher. The purpose of the gift was so that the “Heart of Brustnir be recognized a holy relic for the purposes of your Frankdom”. This is what has now come to be and now I remit to you all one part thereof each, equal in measure in relation to your parts, yet smaller than the Heart in my possession. The holiness of each of your parts is equal to that of the full Heart of Brustnir and must be treated as such.

Each Wargbiskirmerfol ensure that a goodly measure of salt is offered to the relic, mixing with the salt of the relic. The salt thereafter will carry the Hêl of the Heart of Brustnir here and ever after to be used in all manner of devotion, principally as a ward against the ails of the Helwargen which are loose in this world and abound.

May Holy Intarabus, who is a disciple of Holy Magusanus – who may be hight Thonar via Herkol – keep well the Hêl of the Heart of Brustnir and likewise see to your continued prosperity and protection from those Helwargen fiends as the Farhalon so reveals.

 As fervent and ardent Franks in hold to the Wald and Reht of the Holy Kuning, keepers of the Hêlen’s good religion under the guiding wisdom of the Goda, my most cherished friends and companions in this life, I entrust this gift to you well.

Hail to you Antrustions!
Hail to the Heart of Brustnir!
Hail to the Goda who keep us well!

Ericus Ingruodus Lacharitus,
Siniskalk Thia Frankisk Aldsido,
Civitas Ottavaiorum,
Regnum Francorum Novum.”