Rune Poem

Below you will find a modern Frankish rune poem – Frankisk Rûnalioth – which has been developed to bring about a richer runic tradition amongst TFA members. The poem itself was based in part on the Anglo-Saxon and Norwegian rune poems so that ours would fit within the larger spectrum of runic poems, taking on a naturalistic character. It is important to note that this rune poem is not contemporaneous with the older poems, but rather is a modern creation which carries the spirit of its older cousins. That is not to say it is less authentic, for the purpose of these rune poems were primarily mnemonic aids which carried with them cultural themes indicative of the cultures which produced them. Therefore, the Frankisk Rûnalioth has been developed to carry the cultural themes of the Franks as they are expressed in Thia Frankisk Aldsido.

Frankisk Rûnalioth