Proto-Frankish tribes

The Franks coalesced into two major late classical tribal groups in the 4-5th centuries. It was not until the efforts of Clovis I that the Franks can be said to have been unified. Prior to this, from 564 BK* (113 BCE) until 57 SK (508 CE), 621 years from the first appearance of the Cimbri until the defeat of the rival Franks of Cambrai, 48 tribes of Gallic, Germanic and Belgian peoples made up the building blocks of the Frankish Confederacy and the future Merovingian Frankish kingdom.

Below you will find listed those tribes in alphabetical order and information pertinent to each. It is important to keep in mind that Thia Farnkisk Aldsido is a post-tribal tradition which is principally focused on the ties of unity between Franks, primarily Salic Law and the courtly culture of the Merovingians. These tribes are listed so as to give a glimpse into the murky past of the Ahtandefiortig Furafrankisk Thiadô (Forty-Eight Proto-Frankish Tribes).

Ahtandefiortig Furafrankisk Thiadô

* BK = Before Katalaunia; SK = Since Katalaunia (TFA Era reckoning from the Battle of the Katalaunian Fields in 451 CE)