On The Name: Allodium Francorum


  • Allodium is a Medieval Latin word meaning “transferable estate” and comes from the Old Low Franconian *allaud, itself denoting “entire estate”. The root of the word is from the combined Proto-Germanic words *allaz + *audaz or “all” + “goods”. In Merovingian and Carolingian legal documents it was transcribed as alodis, alode or alote. The sense of alodis in the Salic Law was “the entire hereditable estate”. It was customary that all the wealth which a family put into their children was to be retrieved by the family (or tribal unit) once that person died, allowing for a proscribed division between various testate groups. In short, no one’s wealth was their own… rather it always belonged, and so remained, that of the kinship.
  • Francorum is the genitive masculine plural of francus as such it means “of the Franks”. When combined with the first element above we get the sense: “the inheritance of the Frankish people”.

It is  hoped that this site brings worth upon the elder Franks and is
a suitable legacy to Thia Frankisk Aldsido as their successor.