In recognition of a gift from Selguiros Caranticnos (AD XIII Cal. Jun. MMXX)


“Ik kwede,

Kind Selguiros, I Ericus Ingruodus, Siniskalk of Thia Frankisk Aldsido, Gravio of Civitas Ottavaiorum, have sent to you, the First of Senobessus Bolgon and my cherished friend, this token in return for your most glorious gift to me sent in the Widumânôth of MDLXVI Sint Katalaunia (MMXVII CE). I present to you this soapstone turtle which was carved by an unknown Innu artist some time ago in my city. It came to me through the hands of my Grand-father-in-law, thus by way of Arthur through the hands of my household and now into yours. It is in return for the most impeccable icon of the “Constituting of the Frankish Foederati”, which I have used in cult on several occasions and it has an important and most holy place in my pursuit of Frankish heathenry, thus it has been profitable to me in worship.


The idol I now remit into your hands is in recognition of our friendship and your ardent and unceasing pursuit of Bolgoi polytheism. I know that you offer cultus to Nanî Seleceiâ and are a most passionate servant to Her affairs in this world. May She devour all evil in this world and keep healthy our waters.


I am most certainly awed by your fervent zeal in your holy work and you serve as a shining example of what our shared broader cares in religion should be and of these cares, you attend to them wholesomely.


As it is fitting that friends and colleagues, such as ourselves, ought to send presents to each other in recognition of this cultivated amity, I have sent this to you as a return for what you so humbly sent to me prior which was in the infancy of my own cultus and has served me well.


Hail to you Selgouiros Caranticnos!
Hail that Senobessus Bolgon!
Hail to the gods who keep us well!

Ericus Ingruodus Lacharitus,
Siniskalk Thia Frankisk Aldsido,
Civitas Ottavaiorum,
Regnum Francorum Novum.”