The Rîki is to be understood as the vastness of the physical and social territory occupied by those who pursue TFA. In the elder sense of the term, it was employed rather synonymously with today’s ModE kingdom. Although the general similarities are there between the Kingdom and Rîki, there are greater nuances that must be explored.

Etymological note:

  • Rîki is derived from the reconstructed  OLF *rīki meaning “kingdom, empire, riches”. The origin of this word having arrived from the PGmc adjective *rīkijaz “mighty, powerful, rich, noble” (from the root PGmc *riks “king, ruler”) and in turn from a far more ancient PIE root *h₃rḗǵs also meaning “king, ruler”It should be noted that it is believed that the form past from PIE into PGmc through a Gaulish *rix of the same definition.

In the various writings of contemporary Merovingian authorities, we find the term rendered into Latin as regnum francorum or “Kingdom of the Franks”. It is from this concept that TFA derives its understanding of the Rîki.

In the TFA the connotation is “the land and people over which the king has power”. The Rîki is the sum total of land, wealth and people which/who is/are owned by, in use of or attributed to any free Frank, which through the Farbond ultimately is ruled by the Kuning.